Once again, we are thankful for our great partners over at the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) who provided us with the great content below. Happy Spring!

Family walking on path holding handsWas it was dark when your kids boarded the school bus this morning? Did you happen to notice birds chirping instead of the distant rumble of a snowplow? Although it’s hard to believe, spring has finally sprung! Wherever you are in the country, you likely had some record-breaking weather event that made this winter a particularly tough one. We’ve earned a couple of warm(er) days and mild(er) evenings, haven’t we?

A fun way to welcome spring and to make it a family affair is to turn it into dinner conversation starters. You and your family can make the most of this happy and rejuvenating time of year and learn a little something in the process with the following ideas:

Listen – Notice the sounds of spring morning and night by trying to identify back yard birds by their songs and calls. Songbirds and woodpeckers are among the first to be very active in the early spring. Grab the kids after dinner and take a fifteen-minute “bird listening” walk. Owls and red tail hawks will be active in the evening. Talk about what you’re hearing and see if the sounds are different at breakfast time. For more family outing activities check out the Together Counts™ blog.

Discover – Birds aren’t the only movers and shakers in springtime. Look down during those family walks and notice caterpillars, worms, a trickle of water from the thawing earth. Start a journal and have each person in your family note what they’re discovering. Discover more energy balance activities here.

Get moving – Spring means it’s time to get kids moving outside. Check out these energy balance tips for Pre-schoolers in celebration of Head Start’s 50th To commemorate the event, HWCF has created a new grant encouraging Head Start programs to encourage active healthy lifestyles. To apply or share with your local Head Start, please click here.

As members of the HWCF, we encourage active, healthy lifestyles as a way to stem overweight and obesity. HWCF’s free resources available on the Together Counts™ website, center around energy balance and being active and healthy together as a family. With summer approaching, it is important to bridge the gap between summertime and the school year with a continued emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices so make sure and and keep your children active and eating healthy during the summer months. You can find The OrganWise Guys programming at nearly 1,000 parks and recreation sites across the country this summer. Please contact us to locate a site near you!

Share your spring family fun with us by commenting below and also on the TogetherCounts Facebook page.


Apr, 2015

Sir Rebrum grocery shoppingHello, hello!

We know that you want your kids to make healthy food choices, right? We know you want your kids to eat healthy meals, right? Well, why not involve your kids in the meal planning and grocery shopping? If they are responsible for selecting the meals (with a little guidance, of course!), going to the store and picking out all of the healthy ingredients, and then even helping to cook the meal, they are highly likely to actually eat it! So, get planning and next time you head out to do your grocery shopping, make sure and have your kids in tow to “help.” Bring your patience and remember, it’s not just a trip for buying groceries, but an educational tool, as well. Happy shopping!

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

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Earth day

Tomorrow, April 22, 2015, commemorates the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. People around the world will do their part to help protect the environment. What a great opportunity to educate your kids on some of the simple things that can be done on a daily basis to make a positive impact. This year, make it a goal to celebrate Earth Day in your own way as a family.

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April features fresh beans as a Foods of the Month. Fresh beans include foods like fresh green beans, edamame and lima beans. These little veggies give a nice flavor to your meals while also brightening them up with color.

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Hi there,OWG_Blog_Art_4-16-15

Do you ever wish that your kids would listen better? This is probably a silly question. We all know kids struggle to listen at times, but it is essential that they learn the importance of respect and listening to both kids and adults. I experienced a situation at school that I would love to tell your kids about. Had I been listening, I could have saved myself some embarrassment. Make sure to download the coloring and activity sheets for today to help them learn a vital listening lesson (oh and maybe some math, too)!

Keep breathing,


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Children GardeningHappy National Garden Month! It’s the perfect time of year to get out and plant your garden! The OrganWise Guys always say, fresh food is the best food. Getting your kids involved in the gardening process is a great way to get the conversation going about healthy eating. Whether it be letting them dig in the dirt or just planting the seeds, the kids will love to be involved in the gardening. So make sure and get outside and get yours growing!


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We just returned from the Every Kid Healthy Coalition Summit in Washington D.C. It was so great to share ideas and best practices with other like-minded organizations collectively working to help kids live healthier lifestyles.

So, please join us in celebrating Every Kid Healthy™ Week from April 19-25! Launched by our partners at Action for Healthy Kids in 2013, Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual observance when schools, students, parents, and community members come together to recognize their school’s wellness achievements through fun, engaging, and health- focused events. Over 1,000 schools are participating in 2015!

Want to get involved? If you work or are involved with your local school, this is your opportunity to host a super-lively health-promoting event! Events can range from health and wellness fairs, to healthy food taste tests, to fun runs, schools gardens, and more. Make sure to register your event in the Get in the Action Center to promote it and recruit volunteers. Parents, grandparents, and community members, you can get involved too! Just register as a volunteer to find a local event that can use your help. Additional information and resources can be found at EveryKidHealthyWeek.org.

Together, we make a difference in kids’ lives. Join us in taking the Every Kid Healthy Pledge to show your commitment and get the information and free resources you need to create healthier school environments for kids. You can take the Pledge here!

Today we are excited to have Amanda Keefer of Produce for Kids share these healthy grab-n-go breakfast ideas. You will love having these go-to recipes on those busy mornings. Enjoy!

I can almost guarantee when you ask a parent what time of the day is most stressful, they will answer with a unanimous “morning!” It’s quite a feat to get kids up and moving, dressed and to school on time. For many of us, we are also attempting to get ourselves out the door and to the office on time as well. Add the pressure of fitting a healthy breakfast into the mix, and it all becomes too much.

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Apr, 2015

Hello!Pepto hygiene

We know you want your kids to practice good hygiene! In addition to healthy eating, getting plenty of exercise and rest, The OrganWise Guys want all kids to make sure they are making smart choices when it comes to proper hygiene. This includes keeping clean with regular showers and brushing their teeth at least twice daily. We even have a special coloring sheet you can download below to remind your kids how important it is to brush their teeth.

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P.S. If you are looking for a fun book to teach your kids about fresh breath and the importance of brushing your teeth, make sure to check out, It’s a Teethday Party!