April features fresh beans as a Foods of the Month. Fresh beans include foods like fresh green beans, edamame and lima beans. These little veggies give a nice flavor to your meals while also brightening them up with color.

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Do you ever wish that your kids would listen better? This is probably a silly question. We all know kids struggle to listen at times, but it is essential that they learn the importance of respect and listening to both kids and adults. I experienced a situation at school that I would love to tell your kids about. Had I been listening, I could have saved myself some embarrassment. Make sure to download the coloring and activity sheets for today to help them learn a vital listening lesson (oh and maybe some math, too)!

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Children GardeningHappy National Garden Month! It’s the perfect time of year to get out and plant your garden! The OrganWise Guys always say, fresh food is the best food. Getting your kids involved in the gardening process is a great way to get the conversation going about healthy eating. Whether it be letting them dig in the dirt or just planting the seeds, the kids will love to be involved in the gardening. So make sure and get outside and get yours growing!


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We just returned from the Every Kid Healthy Coalition Summit in Washington D.C. It was so great to share ideas and best practices with other like-minded organizations collectively working to help kids live healthier lifestyles.

So, please join us in celebrating Every Kid Healthy™ Week from April 19-25! Launched by our partners at Action for Healthy Kids in 2013, Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual observance when schools, students, parents, and community members come together to recognize their school’s wellness achievements through fun, engaging, and health- focused events. Over 1,000 schools are participating in 2015!

Want to get involved? If you work or are involved with your local school, this is your opportunity to host a super-lively health-promoting event! Events can range from health and wellness fairs, to healthy food taste tests, to fun runs, schools gardens, and more. Make sure to register your event in the Get in the Action Center to promote it and recruit volunteers. Parents, grandparents, and community members, you can get involved too! Just register as a volunteer to find a local event that can use your help. Additional information and resources can be found at EveryKidHealthyWeek.org.

Together, we make a difference in kids’ lives. Join us in taking the Every Kid Healthy Pledge to show your commitment and get the information and free resources you need to create healthier school environments for kids. You can take the Pledge here!

Today we are excited to have Amanda Keefer of Produce for Kids share these healthy grab-n-go breakfast ideas. You will love having these go-to recipes on those busy mornings. Enjoy!

I can almost guarantee when you ask a parent what time of the day is most stressful, they will answer with a unanimous “morning!” It’s quite a feat to get kids up and moving, dressed and to school on time. For many of us, we are also attempting to get ourselves out the door and to the office on time as well. Add the pressure of fitting a healthy breakfast into the mix, and it all becomes too much.

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Apr, 2015

Hello!Pepto hygiene

We know you want your kids to practice good hygiene! In addition to healthy eating, getting plenty of exercise and rest, The OrganWise Guys want all kids to make sure they are making smart choices when it comes to proper hygiene. This includes keeping clean with regular showers and brushing their teeth at least twice daily. We even have a special coloring sheet you can download below to remind your kids how important it is to brush their teeth.

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P.S. If you are looking for a fun book to teach your kids about fresh breath and the importance of brushing your teeth, make sure to check out, It’s a Teethday Party!

National Garden Month

Happy National Garden Month! We certainly are enjoying the Spring weather and in honor of it being National Garden Month, we wanted to share some gardening tips and resources for you. Gardening is a great way to bring together family as there are so many ways to get the kids involved. It’s a perfect opportunity to have the conversation with your kids about healthy eating.

First, here are three simple gardening tips:

Tip 1: Reap the benefits. 

Gardening provides fresh air, exercise and results in healthy fruits and vegetables to eat!

Tip 2: Build a container garden.

You can successfully grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in a small space using a pot with holes on the bottom.

Tip 3: Start with herbs.

Place a pot in a sunny spot and plant herbs like rosemary and basil to add a fresh taste to your meals.


Next, to get you in the spirit, watch this fun gardening video from The OrganWise Guys:

Now, make sure and download this OrganWise garden-themed coloring sheet for the kids:

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Lastly, check out our OrganWise gardening resources and be sure to follow our GardenWise pin board on Pinterest for additional tips and fantastic gardening ideas!

Happy Gardening!

Nutrition Education

We recently received a Facebook message from Hope Dennis, a University of Illinois Extension agent in Crawford County. She shared this with us:

“I have got to say … I love THIS program. I do programs for Kindergarten through 2nd-graders in my local schools including the OWG program. The kids LOVE IT! We impact families, too! Just yesterday, I received this note in the mail. I don’t even know the family. How nice for the mom to take the time and send a card. See? Your program is making a difference. And this card is for YOU too! ”

Hope Dennis Thank You


Thank you to Hope Dennis for making an impact on these kids and their parents! We rely on people like you to help get the message out there and it looks like you are doing a fine job of it! Nutrition education is key in fighting this childhood obesity epidemic!

In April, nuts are an OrganWise Guys Foods of the Month. Not only do nuts taste great, they also have zero cholesterol. The majority of fat in healthy nuts is the good kind of fat, but you should still be conscious of limiting your intake (about 1 oz. or ¼ cup is the typical serving size). Get more healthy nuts in your diet by adding them to dinner, an often overlooked meal for this food. See how with these “nutty” recipe ideas! Continue reading

Hi ya!Hardy Heart Memories

Spring Break doesn’t just have to be about taking a vacation. Spending quality time at home together as a family can be just as fun. Take a few days off work and go through old family photographs and boxes of keepsakes to share special memories with your kids. The stories and memories the kids will gain from this quality time together will last a lifetime.

Make sure and read to your kids Hardy’s story about making memories with his family. You can get a FREE activity sheet and coloring sheet to coincide with Hardy’s story, too!

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Have a great day,

Hardy Heart