Fruit Water for healthy summer

It’s summertime! Continue making healthy, OrganWise decisions outside of school with these hot weather tips and ideas for the entire family:

  1. Prep – Make healthy eating easier by cleaning and cutting up fresh fruits and veggies and placing them in small to-go bags at the beginning of the week. This provides you and your family with quick, healthy snacks throughout the week.
  2. Stay Active – The warm summer weather is the perfect time to be outside. Beat the heat by getting out and moving in the morning with a family bike ride. On the hottest days, find a way to get the kids active before the heat sets in. Make outside play time from 8:00-10:00 am instead of morning cartoons or errands.
  3. Exercise Indoors – A local gym with basketball courts, a climbing wall, or a local roller skating rink are all places that provide physical activity. The summer is a great time to try new activities, so be on the lookout for local deals and discounts offering some of these opportunities.
  4. Drink Water – Remember to stay hydrated, especially when getting lots of physical activity. Freeze water bottles before you head out for the day to provide your children with a cool drink. Keep cut up watermelon pieces in your kitchen for a tasty, hydrating snack. To liven up a plain glass of water, add fruit or veggie slices like lemons, limes, oranges or cucumbers.
  5. Cool Activities – Our bodies love to be active outside. Visit a waterpark, a pool, or the beach! These are perfect breaks for a hot day. Remember, it’s important to think about safety at these summer destinations (like wearing life jackets, watching out for ocean currents, and always keeping your children in sight).
  6. Plan – Place a calendar in a high traffic area of your home with all the activities you have planned for the summer. They can be summer vacations, camp time, and other special events. To combat boredom, reserve the empty dates for special family time, like a walk around the neighborhood after dinner or an outdoor movie.

Download and print out these healthy summer tips to hang up around the house!

What are some of your favorite ways to make it a healthy summer?


The summertime months are historically unhealthy for kids as they move away from the school day routine where they typically have access to healthy meals, nutrition education and physical education. Kids should still be incorporating all of these things into their days even during the summer.

It’s not too late to make this summer a healthy one! Use The OrganWise Guys evidence-based programming in your summer camp setting to help kids stay healthy during the out-of-school-time months. See below for more information on The OrganWise Guys summer camp programming and also to get a discount code! Here’s to a healthy summer and healthy kids!


The OrganWise Guys Summer Camp programming

Calci M. Bone sun safetySummer is here which means lots of fun and sun in the months ahead! Kids need to be educated on sun safety so as not to end up burned and/or taking in too many of the dangerous rays from the sun. While the sun is a great source for vitamin D, it is essential to make sure to apply and reapply sunscreen on kids when playing or swimming outdoors this summer to prevent painful sunburn. Kids need to understand this lifelong lesson, too!

Make sure to download the fun coloring sheet featuring Calci M. Bone teaching kids about the importance of sun safety!

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Jun, 2015

One of our favorite ways to enjoy berries, a June Foods of the Month, is in smoothie form! Smoothies can be an instant meal that takes only minutes to make. Stock your fridge and freezer with berries, non-fat Greek yogurt, and/or low-fat milk, and ice to make these OrganWise Guys-approved summer berry smoothies in minutes. Enjoy for breakfast or a snack!

Triple Berry Smoothie– A long time favorite, this triple berry smoothie is packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and is high in fiber. This recipe uses strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for a tasty and energizing drink.

Banana Berry Smoothie  Add a banana into your favorite berry smoothie recipe. We used a 1 cup mixture of strawberries and blueberries, then added one sliced banana with 5 ice cubes and a splash of low-fat milk. The result is a beautiful, light purple smoothie that is almost too pretty to drink.

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie – Get a dose of veggies with your berry smoothie. Blend together 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a banana, 1 cup fresh spinach leaves, a drizzle of honey, 1/2 cup of water and 5 ice cubes. Pour and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie  The good fats in this smoothie (thanks to the peanut butter) keep you feeling full longer. Blend together 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt, a splash of low-fat milk and 5 ice cubes. Drink for breakfast or a snack.

strawberry blueberry smoothie

Hardy Heart Safety FirstWe continue our series in which we are promoting healthy behaviors to be implemented and tracked for an entire month (and hopefully beyond). The behavior to implement in June is to make sure and put safety first. This month is a great time to teach kids the importance of safety in a variety of settings. Whether it be wearing a helmet while riding a bike, or making sure an adult or buddy is around while swimming, during the summer months, there are lots of opportunities to promote safety. You can download and print your June Behavior Tracking Sheet and use in your home, summer camp setting, or childcare center to encourage and track behavior change.

Watch as Calci M. Bone and Sir Rebrum discuss the importance of putting safety first by wearing a helmet when riding a bike:


Share with us some of your favorite ways to teach kids how to be safe all year long. We hope you have a healthy and SAFE start to your summer!




Summer bucket List monkey bars

Summer is nearly here and if you’re like most families, you are busy juggling a whole different set of schedules. Summer offers us a break from the mundane of the school-year but it also can make us a little crazy. You may be taking a vacation or two, but in order to avoid too much chaos and that inevitable summer boredom that will eventually sink in, make a list of things that you would like to accomplish over the summer with the kids. Call it your summer bucket list and let the kids be involved in making it. Get your blank summer bucket list here and if you would like to use some of our ideas, download and print the list we created.

What are some ideas that you would have on your summer bucket list?


Sir Rebrum National Egg MonthThere is nothing better than starting out your day with a healthy breakfast. It’s even better when you start your day with a plate full of protein. Eggs are a fantastic way to get your brain into gear in the morning. May is National Egg Month and is a perfect time to teach kids about the benefits of eating eggs as well as the various ways that they can eat them. Certainly they can find a way that suits their fancy.

Make sure and download a fun coloring sheet and activity sheet where kids can be “egg heads!” After they complete these fun activities, get in the kitchen and scramble up some eggs to celebrate National Egg Month with the kids!
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Grocery Shopping with Child

It’s the dreaded trip to the supermarket. Most of us try to avoid dragging the kids down the aisles; preferring to dart in and out during moments alone. Although it takes more work and time, the grocery store can be a great tool to teach kids how to make healthy choices.

Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan Ahead – Let kids help you plan meals for the week. Give them some healthy ideas and let them decide on the menu. They will take pride and ownership in selecting these ingredients at the store. Remember to write down all of the ingredients needed for each meal.
  2. Make it a game – Before you go, talk about how you want to see the shopping cart full of healthy foods. Download and print your OrganWise Grocery Shopping List for the kids, add the healthy foods you have brainstormed, and let them check off as they go.
  3. Experiment with new produce – Grocery stores typically have an assortment of fruits or vegetables that kids have never tried. So if that mango isn’t on your list, but the kids seem intrigued, buy one for them to taste test when you get home from the market!
  4. Show them the labels – Kids don’t need to know what everything on a label means, but they can start to grasp why 350 grams of sugar in their breakfast cereal is a bad choice.
  5. Find healthy treats  Purchase ingredients to explore some new treats such as a healthy banana split, a Greek yogurt parfait filled with berries and low-fat granola, or this stone fruit parfait!

Next time, instead of dreading a trip to the grocery store with kids, try these fun ideas to engage them and more than likely they will be better behaved than you thought they could be! Happy Shopping!

Hardy Memorial DayToday is Memorial Day, a day where we recognize those that have fought for our country’s freedom. We here at The OrganWise Guys want to thank those who have served in the military, as well as their families who share their loved one’s courage and bravery with all of us. So thank you from all of us, we hope you continue to stay safe and healthy!

Make sure and download the coloring sheet today with Hardy and the gang proudly carrying the American Flag. Let the kiddos have a coloring contest as part of your festivities! Oh, and Memorial Day is a great time to have your kids thank a service member and teach them to do so anytime they come into contact with one … it’s a great thing for kids to learn at a young age!


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memorial day popsicles copy

It’s Memorial Day weekend! The “unofficial” kick off summer is here and certainly you have some sort of outdoor plans involving food, family, and friends. Are you looking for a tasty recipe to serve up at your get together? Try these festive Memorial Day popsicles for your perfect warm weather treat! Made with only three ingredients, not only are these desserts simple to create, they are also healthy and full of nutrition. The berries provide antioxidants and the Greek yogurt is packed with calcium and protein. Kids and adults alike will love these delicious and refreshing treats!


Memorial Day Popsicles


1 6 oz. package of fresh raspberries

1 6 oz. package of fresh blueberries

1 cup non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt


Wash the berries. Use a blender to blend the raspberries until smooth, then set aside. Next, use the lowest blender setting to crush the blueberries (large chunks should remain). Fill the popsicle mold with the berries and yogurt. To get a red white and blue effect, pour the raspberry mixture into the mold until it is one third full, then use a spoon to add the Greek yogurt to the next third, then pour the blueberry mixture into the last third. Freeze the popsicle molds for 4 hours. To remove the popsicles from their molds, run them under hot water for 10-15 seconds. Serve at your Memorial Day barbeque or by the pool!

Makes 4 popsicles