An evidence-based program for schools that incorporates healthy lifestyle education into the academic school day. All items also sold separately.


These engaging materials provide daily nutrition and physical activity lessons to teach young children healthy living habits at this important age!

Summer Camp &
After School

Make the summer months and afterschool time a healthy adventure for kids! These suggested materials are fun and flexible enough to fit into most settings.

Community Health Educators/Hospitals

From presentation kits to stickers, there is something for every educator to augment current program goals. Visit our store to find over 100 FUN, educational items!

Science-based! Evidence-backed! Child-friendly!

The OrganWise Guys materials are scientifically proven to work in the fight against childhood obesity.

Loved by kids. Trusted by parents. Approved by teachers and nutrition experts.

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From the Blog

Welcome New Thriving Communities, Thriving Children Sites!

We are kicking off the second year of our Thriving Communities, Thriving Children (TC2) project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation! Over the past month, we have had a blast introducing The OrganWise Guys nutrition and healthy living education programming to early childcare/Head Start centers, schools and Foodservice Departments in Mississippi and Louisiana.

A warm OrganWise welcome to the new sites who are having fun using their OrganWise Guys materials. The following locations have received their materials and training this fall. They include:

Friar’s Point Elementary – Coahoma County School District, MS

Jonestown Elementary – Coahoma County School District, MS

Lyon Elementary – Coahoma County School District, MS

Sherard Elementary – Coahoma County School District, MS

Booker T. Washington Elementary – Clarksdale Municipal School District, MS

Kirkpatrick Elementary – Clarksdale Municipal School District, MS

George  H. Oliver Elementary – Clarksdale Municipal School District, MS

Myrtle Hall Elementary – Clarksdale Municipal School District, MS

Coahoma County School District Foodservice Department

 Clarksdale Municipal School District Foodservice Department

Aaron E. Henry Head Start Center – Coahoma County, MS

Bertha Blackburn Head Start Center – Coahoma County, MS

Friar’s Point Head Start Center – Coahoma County, MS

Jonestown Head Start Center – Coahoma County, MS

Incarnate World Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

St Mary’s of the Angels Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Louise Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

St. John Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

LaFitte Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Causeway Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Grand Isle Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Kenner Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Terrytown/Gretna Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Bridge City Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Clay Street Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Jutland Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Lapaico Head Start Center – New Orleans, LA

Caitlin Training TC2


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Dominique Dawes Talks Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A couple years ago we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes about what it takes to be a world class athlete as well as the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices in order to combat childhood obesity. We thought it would be fun to replay her response during Childhood Obesity Month!


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Missing School

Hello hello,

The title to this blog is absolutely correct. I am missing school because I’m sick, but I’m also missing being at school. It is no fun to be sick in bed, having to make up the work you’re missing while all your friends are at school. I know sometimes it feels like we all can’t wait for school to be over, but the school year is barely a month old; I’m not ready to be missing days already! That’s why it’s always important to wash your hands. Our bodies’ immune systems are strong, but let’s help it (and each other) out by washing our hands and washing away bad germs! Now I’ve got to go catch up on my math work that I’ve missed. While I do that, download your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

Think healthy thoughts,

OWG_Blog_Art_9-18-14Sir Rebrum


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