An evidence-based program for schools that incorporates healthy lifestyle education into the academic school day. All items also sold separately.

Early Childhood

These engaging materials provide daily nutrition and physical activity lessons to teach young children healthy living habits at this important age!

Summer Camp &
After School

Make the summer months and afterschool time a healthy adventure for kids! These suggested materials are fun and flexible enough to fit into most settings.

Community Health Educators/Hospitals

From presentation kits to stickers, there is something for every educator to augment current program goals. Visit our store to find over 100 FUN, educational items!

Science-based! Evidence-backed! Child-friendly!

The OrganWise Guys materials are scientifically proven to work in the fight against childhood obesity.

Loved by kids. Trusted by parents. Approved by teachers and nutrition experts.

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From the Blog

Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle with National Nutrition Month

The month of March plays host to National Nutrition Month. To keep this observance fresh each year, the Academy of Nutriton and Dietetics comes up with a new theme promoting the adoption of healthy eating and physical activity habits – of which we know The OrganWise Guys are huge fans! This year the theme “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle” encourages everyone to make healthy food choices, along with getting regular exercise in order to prevent chronic disease, maintain a healthy weight and really just to obtain overall better health.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate this theme into your household this month and throughout the year:

  • Commit to breakfast – Start out with the most important meal of the day for increased awareness and less chance of over-indulging later on in the day. You can track your progress with this worksheet.
  • Make healthy swaps – Find low-fat or alternative ingredients to swap out for healthier recipes. This doesn’t mean you have to lose taste, just lower calories and fat!
  • Eat more family meals – There are so many benefits of eating together as a family. Click here to see some ideas on how to incorporate family bonding into your meal time.
  • Add some spice – Use herbs and spices, or even citrus to add lots of flavor without compromising the nutritional value of the dish.
  • Get up and move – Whether it be walking the dog, or taking the stairs at work, find ways throughout your day to move! It is vital to keep your energy equation balanced!

Click here for more information on National Nutrition Month and a helpful toolkit with additional resources on how to “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.”


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How to Cure the Picky Eater

Madame Muscle Family Meal Plan copyMealtime frown faces can be tough. The “picky eater” is the child with a short list of foods they will eat due to texture, taste, and visual preferences. Changing taste buds and appetites are a natural part of growing up, so don’t be alarmed when your child says every vegetable is “icky.” Not to be confused with more serious eating disorders, the picky eater will often eat enough but can fall into an unhealthy BMI for his/her age.


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Can I just Keep the Change?

Hey team,

In math, we’ve been learning about making change when someone pays for something. It seems so simple, four quarters in a dollar, what more do you need to know? Turns out, a lot more. The nickels, dimes, and pennies, well, the possibilities are practically endless! This is why I’ve been having my mom quiz me with change-related math problems when we drive places. It’s an educational way to pass the time in the car without staring at a phone, and it’s time spent with your mom while learning. I’m just happy she doesn’t charge me for the time, because counting out the money could get a little confusing for me! It’s okay to take a little break from math to download the coloring sheet and activity sheet for today.

OWG_Blog_Art_3-12-15Talk to you later,



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