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From the Blog

Early Childhood Food Tastings in Jackson, Mississippi

A great big OrganWise shout out to Virden and Jones Early Childhood Development Centers in Jackson, Mississippi! As a part of the Thriving Communities, Thriving Children project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, these two early childhood development centers have been conducting healthy vegetable food tastings with students using The OrganWise Guys materials. Both centers received a Healthy Incentive Project mini-grant to expand the current OWG programming happening in their centers to include these vegetable taste tests with children.

A big thank you to Ms. Vodie Taylor and Ms. Jewel Reed for teaching children and teachers at Virden and Jones about the importance of adding vegetables to their diets. Thanks to food tastings like you see in the pictures below, young children in Jackson are learning about and trying new foods!

A fun WISERCISE exercise circle to go along with the food tasting.

A fun WISERCISE! exercise circle to start off the food tasting.

Teachers wear the OWG apron during the food tasting.

While preparing the carrots, a teacher wears an OWG apron.

Ms. Jewel Reed tries a carrot with the students.

Ms. Jewel Reed tries a carrot with the students.

An OrganWise display featuring the taste test.

An OrganWise display featuring the taste test.

Kids enjoying their carrots!

Kids enjoying their carrots!

Students try carrots and learn about the importance of eating this veggie.

The carrot tasting was a success!

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Gardening Lessons Learned

Well, it’s time to admit it, I wasn’t practicing what I preached. Having my kids eat vegetables, sure! Trading out screen time for family physical activity, absolutely! Starting a home garden, no way!!!

I have a black thumb and I’m not joking about this. I’m horrible when it comes to plants. Did you know they need water?!? Apparently, I need a living thing to scream/bark/cluck (chickens) at me to remind me of their needs. Obviously, plants don’t do this, so in my house, they die.


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Thunder, Lightning

Hello hello,

This weekend was full of storms, which meant lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. While it was a bummer that playing outside with my friends wasn’t happening, the storms did allow me to jump back into my library books. After my speed-reading over Spring Break, I had to slow down, as I now have school and homework to get to. But this weekend was once again filled with stories of adventure and swashbuckling (I’m reading a book about pirates). Between chapters, I made sure to do ten jumping jacks or push-ups to get some physical activity in. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun day! If you need an indoor activity because of the rain, get your coloring sheet for today!


Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

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