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This plug and play platform provides everything an Elementary School educator needs to deliver world-class nutrition, physical activity and healthy living lessons to all students with no prep work required..

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Additional supporting features include:



Activity sheets for each book (linked to curriculum)

Videos – 72 30- and 60-second vignettes

8 full-length videos (Perfect for Friday matinees to celebrate a healthy week!)

To complement the digital platform, 

consider adding these physical items…

Elementary School Booster Kit

By including this package with the digital platform, you will have all of the physical components of the evidence-based curriculum that resulted in statistically significant health and academic outcomes (published in top-tier, peer-reviewed publications). Daily nutrition education will be a snap with these innovative, fun tools! Included are the following items:

This prep-free supplemental curriculum includes everything an educator needs to keep students on track:



Lesson plans


Correlations to National Head Start/Early Childhood

Correlations to STEM standards

Correlations to your state-specific standards


Elementary School Digital Platform

(Full School License)


Total Number of Students Enrolled

(PreK – 5th Grade) x $3.00 (Annually)

Elementary School Booster Kit


Best of all … It can be accessed by ALL teachers/staff at your site including:

Classroom teachers

School counselors

Media specialists


Character education classes

P.E. / Health Teachers

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