Below you will find: information and evaluation on the program, pre/post knowledge assessment tools, a teacher survey, live assembly training videos, companion activity sheets for DVDs, lesson plans, state-specific core curriculum standards, grant templates and more!

Check out OWG State-Specific Curriculum Standards

Training Tools

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The OrganWise Guys Comprehensive School Program 8-Part Training Videos—
Watch one or watch them all!

Additional Tools

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Curriculum Standards

Check out OWG State-Specific Curriculum Standards

Implementation Guides/Tracking Tools

Print these sheets, then track the use of your OWG materials in the classroom with these grade-specific guides.

Comprehensive School Program Implementation Guides

Early Childhood Lesson Plan Guides and Worksheets

The OrganWise Guys 8-week Summer Camp Lesson Plan Guides

The OrganWise Guys After School Lesson Plan Guides

Lesson Plans

Assessment Tools

Utilize Pre/Post tools to measure the improvement in students' knowledge gain before and after program implementation as well as post intent to change behavior. Collect student responses through the survey PDFs, then enter your data in the excel files.

Student Assessment Reporting Tools — Pre and Post Surveys (in PDF to collect data)

Student Assessment Reporting Tools — Pre-test Data Entry Form

Student Assessment Reporting Tools — Post-test Data Entry Form

DVD Activity Sheets

MARC Records

These are used for the media specialist to make cataloguing The OrganWise Guys materials simple.
Click Here to download a zip file of all of the MARC records.

Grant Writing Tools

If you are interested in bringing all or part of The OrganWise Guys program to your school, afterschool or summer programming, this section provides the information needed to attempt to secure funding.

Grant Template
From a Project Narrative to an Operational Plan to a Proposed Budget Guideline, this template provides the basic information a funder will require. To further strengthen a funding proposal, include the documents found under "Awards and Articles" in your submission information.

Local Wellness Policy Mandate
This downloadable pdf contains the actual legislation language showing the responsibility of schools to implement/document a wellness policy.

Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act 2010

Press Release Template

Click Here to see a sample template press release written about The OrganWise Guys school program. If you are interested in writing a press release and sharing your school's story about the OrganWise Guys program, we can provide the details.