Hardy Heart®
"Healthy foods and physical activity help me keep the beat!"

Peri Stolic® (the intestine)
"High-fiber foods and physical activity really keep me moving!"

The Kidney Brothers®
"Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Drink water, stay hydrated!"

Windy® (the lungs)
"I love fresh air and fresh fruits and veggies!"

Pepto (the stomach)
"I suggest ... you digest!"

Sir Rebrum® (the brain)
"A healthy breakfast keeps me firing on all cylinders!"

Calci M. Bone®
"Stay rich in calcium. Make daily deposits in your bone bank."

Luigi Liver®
"My favorite activity is Liverdance!"

Peter Pancreas®
"When it comes to sugar, my job sure is a balancing act!"

Madame Muscle®
"Use me, don’t lose me. Exercise every day!"