An evidence-based program for schools that incorporates healthy lifestyle education into the academic school day. All items also sold separately.


These engaging materials provide daily nutrition and physical activity lessons to teach young children healthy living habits at this important age!

Summer Camp &
After School

Make the summer months and afterschool time a healthy adventure for kids! These suggested materials are fun and flexible enough to fit into most settings.

Community Health Educators/Hospitals

From presentation kits to stickers, there is something for every educator to augment current program goals. Visit our store to find over 100 FUN, educational items!

Science-based! Evidence-backed! Child-friendly!

The OrganWise Guys materials are scientifically proven to work in the fight against childhood obesity.

Loved by kids. Trusted by parents. Approved by teachers and nutrition experts.

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Choose to Use MyPlate

We have shared some fun ways that educators can use the USDA’s MyPlate in their classroom setting in the past. Today we are here to share with you The OrganWise Guys MyPlate resources that are available to you, along with a bonus coupon code! Some of you may have received this postcard in the mail recently, but we also wanted to make sure that all of our readers had access to this deal. Click on the postcard to be directed to all of these MyPlate resources on our website.

MyPlate Code

Use coupon code MyPlate20 upon checkout. Offer expires 1/31/15.

If you would like to sign up to join our snail mail list where you can be the first to get similar offers, email us, tell us you want to be added, and give us your preferred address.


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Butternut Squash Pastas

Butternut squash (an October Foods of the Month) can be used to make pastas creamy and delicious without the extra fat or cholesterol from typical cream-based pasta sauces. Butternut squash is naturally low in fat and has more than a day’s worth of Vitamin A, an important antioxidant.  (more…)

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Halloween Safety

Hey everybody,

Tomorrow is Halloween, and we have some OrganWise tips to share with you.

  1. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street and have an adult with you at all times.
  2. Try not to eat too much candy, as having to cut short trick-or-treating because of an upset stomach is a real bummer.
  3. Don’t forget to say thank you when you get candy. It may feel like you’ve said it a million times, but people appreciate it.
  4. Have fun! You don’t get to dress up in a costume everyday, so enjoy it!

One more thing, make sure and download your coloring sheet and activity sheet!

Have a great day,

OWG_Blog_Art_10-30-14Hardy Heart


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