An evidence-based program for schools that incorporates healthy lifestyle education into the academic school day. All items also sold separately.


These engaging materials provide daily nutrition and physical activity lessons to teach young children healthy living habits at this important age!

Summer Camp &
After School

Make the summer months and afterschool time a healthy adventure for kids! These suggested materials are fun and flexible enough to fit into most settings.

Community Health Educators/Hospitals

From presentation kits to stickers, there is something for every educator to augment current program goals. Visit our store to find over 100 FUN, educational items!

Science-based! Evidence-backed! Child-friendly!

The OrganWise Guys materials are scientifically proven to work in the fight against childhood obesity.

Loved by kids. Trusted by parents. Approved by teachers and nutrition experts.

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From the Blog

Hosting a Campus Wellness Night

It’s not uncommon to look at the schedule of an elementary school at the beginning of the school year and see Campus Open House. It’s also not uncommon to look at that same schedule further along in the year and see Math Night or Science Night. Frequently, the Math department plans a fun, family-friendly event for the students to engage in a variety of math-oriented activities. However, something that is less common on a school calendar is a PE night, Health night, or Wellness night. But why not? Isn’t PE just as crucial to a child’s success in school as math or science? And some (like myself) would argue a lot more fun! The concept of hosting a campus wellness event or family fitness night is slowly emerging across the country. As the spotlight on academic success shifts to a healthier child, the awareness of celebrating healthy behaviors and engaging in physical activity is catching on and gaining popularity.


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Healthy Turnip Fries Video Recipe

Baked Turnip Fries

Ever tried a turnip? If not, this is a great way to be introduced to them! Try these tasty turnip fries as a healthier alternative to French Fries with your next meal.


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Give Back This Christmas

Well hey there!

Christmas is only one week away. While it is okay to be excited to get gifts, this time of year is also about giving back, any way you can. That’s why I have signed up with my school to wrap gifts at the local bookstore. When people buy a gift, they can stop by our wrapping station and we will wrap it up for them. The service is free, but we give any tips to a local charity, and since it is the giving season, we have made quite a bit of money. If there is any way you can give back to the community, you should! You’ll feel great, and make someone’s holiday season even brighter! Make sure and get your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!

Keep Livin’ OrganWise,

Luigi Liver



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