Empowering Kids to Be Healthy and Smart From The Inside Out!

By bringing the body to life via lovable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy Kid Box

Collect all our characters with a monthly subscription box delivered to your door!

The OrganWise Guys are a set of engaging characters that teach children about the importance of good nutrition, physical activity and overall healthy lifestyles with the goal of preventing childhood obesity. For years, these same materials have been evaluated and used in places like schools, early childcare centers, summer camps, doctors offices and more to teach children about making healthy choices in life. Now, we are so excited to be able to bring them to the home setting!

Healthy Kid Box

How It Works

1. Order Your Subscription

Select the product and subscription plan that’s right for your child.

2. We Ship Your Kit

Monthly packages arrive, filled with OrganWise Guys Beanies, posters, activity sheets & more.

3. Discover and Learn

Start exploring and spark a lifelong love of learning and nutrition!

12 Months of Health Education For Your Child

  • Month 1: Heart Health

    1 OWG Doll with Hardy Heart
    1 Hardy Heart Poster
    1 Healthy Behaviors Tracking Calendar
    1 Smart from the Inside Out Hardback Book
    1 Smart from the Inside Out Activity Book
    1 Hardy Heart Bookmark
    1 Low-Fat Newsletter
    5 Hardy Heart Temporary Tattoos
    1 Zipper Kit
    BONUS: Private link to Gimme 5 OWG Episode

  • Month 2: Bone Health

    1 Calci M. Bone Beanie
    1 Calci M. Bone Poster
    1 It’s a Teethday Party Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Your Families Guide to Bone Health Booklet
    1 Calci M. Bone Bookmark
    1 Bone Health Newsletter
    5 Calci M Bone Temporary Tattoos
    BONUS: Private link to Calci Yum, Yum, Yum OWG Episode

  • Month 3: Lung Health

    1 Windy, the Lungs Beanie
    1 Windy, the Lungs Poster
    1 An OrganWise Field Trip Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Serving up Good Health with Fruits and Veggies Booklet
    1 Windy, the Lungs Bookmark
    1 Fresh Air Newsletter
    5 Windy Tattoos
    BONUS: Private link to Farmers Market Fresh OWG Episode

  • Month 4: Brain Health

    1 Sir Rebrum Beanie
    1 Sir Rebrum Poster
    1 Click on Your Sir Rebrum Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Be Smart… Eat Breakfast Every Day Booklet
    1 Sir Rebrum Bookmark
    1 Breakfast Newsletter
    5 Sir Rebrum Tattoos
    BONUS: Private Link to Breakfast Skippin Blues OWG Episode

  • Month 5: Muscle Health

    1 Madame Muscle Beanie
    1 Madame Muscle Poster
    1 “Counting” on You to Play Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Balancing Eating and Physical Activity Booklet
    1 Madame Muscle Bookmark
    1 Physical Activity Newsletter
    5 Madame Muscle Tattoos
    BONUS: Private link to Extreme Couch Potato OWG Episode

  • Month 6: Kidney Health

    1 Kidney Brothers Beanie
    1 Kidney Brothers Poster
    1 Cheering for Healthy Choices Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheet Pages
    5 Choose Water Tracking Tools
    1 Healthy Habits Sticker page
    1 Water Newsletter
    5 Kidney Brothers Tattoos
    BONUS: Private Link to H2Ohhhhh! OWG Episode

  • Month 7: Intestine Health

    1 Peri Stolic Beanie
    1 Peri Stolic Poster
    1 Fiber-ific Fashion Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    5 Choose High Fiber Tracking Tools
    1 Fiber-ific Fashion Game (4 placemates/deck of cards)
    1 Fruits/Veggies Newsletter
    5 Peri Stolic Tattoos
    BONUS: Private Link to Fiber Fandango OWG Episode

  • Month 8: Stomach Health

    1 Pepto Beanie
    1 Pepto Poster
    1 What’s on Your Plate Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    5 Choose Low-Fat Tracking Tools
    1 Healthy Habits Sticker Page
    1 Portions Newsletter
    5 Pepto Tattoos
    BONUS: Private Link to Pepto’s Party Portions OWG Episode

  • Month 9: Pancreas Health

    1 Peter Pancreas Beanie
    1 Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies Poster
    1 Keeping Your Pets Healthy Book
    3 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Feed your OWG Pets Game (4 placemats/1 deck of cards)
    1 Diabetes Newsletter
    BONUS: 5 Peter Pancreas Tattoos

  • Month 10: Liver Health

    1 Luigi Liver Beanie
    1 We Love Who We Live in Group Poster
    1 Concentrating on Fruits and Veggies Book
    2 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 OrganWise-Ology CD-Rom
    1 Dental health Newsletter
    BONUS: 5 Luigi Liver Tattoos

  • Month 11: Emotional Health

    1 Helping You Talk About Your Feelings Book
    1 Acting Out Your Feelings Book
    5 Companion Activity Sheets
    1 Matching Up Feelings Game
    1 Feelings and Emotions Newsletter
    1 Understanding Our Feelings Booklet

  • Month 12: Diet Health

    1 MyPlate Project Book
    2 Companion Activity Sheets
    5 MyPlate Placemats
    1 MyPlate Poster
    1 Foods of the Month Coloring Book
    BONUS: Private link to OWG Music DCD

Monthly Subscription

Select our monthly plan for your Healthy Kid Box to make this year a healthy and memorable one for the child in your life! (A $500 retail value!)

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One Time Purchase

Select our annual plan to purchase a full year of nutrition education for your Healthy Kid Box and get 2 months free + free shipping! (A $500 retail value!)

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